Watchdog operatives pose as janitors in a shopping mall built on an alien graveyard.


Aliens visited this world. Some crashed, some got sick, some we shot down. It's all buried here... at the mall.


Ghosts from beyond our galaxy, inter-dimensional portals, technology so advanced it's indistinguishable from magic. Shoulda cleaned it up 'fore they paved it flat, but you know how it is. We're here to catch the things they missed. We're the Mop-up Crew.


Disguised as janitors, we're really a wildfire saw line. Our job's to eliminate dangerous leftover alien technologies that unchecked would climb into the outside world and do untold damage. Stuff in here's like a gangrenous limb - can't fight it, can't fix it. Only thing to save the rest of you's to cut it off.


We don't use names on the saw line. Whole operation's top secret, anonymous and non-attributable from superintendent to hotshot smokejumpers. And it's a dangerous gig, no point in getting too attached.


We go by our job descriptions:


Swamper One


Swamper Two




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